Though cloudy eyes betray her lack of sight, Ellamei is quick to offer a warm smile and a friendly presence to those she meets. Empathetic and kind, the Raen strives to maintain a rare optimism even in the face of hardship.

She favors the dress of her homeland; usually seen in colorful yukata and kimono, she never goes without a thin wooden cane to guide her steps. She's a common sight in the markets wherever she goes, whether browsing, simply listening, or practicing her fluency in different tongues through conversation.

More than anything, though, she aspires to become a writer. A lover of stories and books, she hopes to inspire that same wonder in others that she'd felt in her own reading. To that end, she seeks to wander far and wide, to find inspiration not only in her travels, but also in the companions she must inevitably rely on.


Race: Au Ra, Raen
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 23
Height: 4'9
Orientation: Bisexual, feminine preference
Relationship: Echiko Ono
Occupation: Interpreter, writer
Server: Mateus


  • Visiting Kugane, or from there? Ellamei often spends time in the city!

  • Seeking a translator? Ellamei is fluent in several tongues!

  • A fellow traveler? Ellamei will never say no to company on the road!

  • Writer or reader? Ellamei would love to swap stories, or hone her craft!

Hi there! I'm Varrok.I'm a reasonably experienced roleplayer, even if I still have plenty to learn and refine! I've roleplayed in a number of different MMOs, but FFXIV is the one I call home now.In general, I enjoy most themes and styles of roleplay. Slice-of-life and light adventure are two styles I particularly like, and Ellamei as a character is generally best-suited for those, as opposed to darker themes or higher-powered adventures. I also enjoy romance, as long as things are compatible with an appropriate build-up.Normally, I try to mirror writing styles in-game, and prefer para over Discord RP. I'm generally easier to reach over Discord, but I'm more than happy to RP in-game as well, if scheduled ahead of time. Most commonly, I'm available EST evenings during the week; weekends are difficult.Feel free to drop me a message on Discord if you're interested in RP!